Who are Plus Alpha?

Plus Alpha Translations is a partnership of two qualified professional translators:

Clare Saracine graduated from Sheffield University with a Class One Honours Degree in Japanese. She won a scholarship to study at the prestigious Chuo University for one year in 1997. Her work experience includes two years' employment as a translator for the Japanese government on high-profile assignments such as the Akita World Games 2001. She has excellent linguistic skills, with knowledge of German and Slovenian, as well as extensive experience in English creative writing, including magazine editing.
Clare Saracine. Will Blatchley.
Will Blatchley has a Class One Honours Degree in Electronic Engineering and Japanese from Manchester University, and has been studying Japanese since age ten. After two years translating for a local government office in Japan, he was employed by Oregan Networks Ltd. to port their web browser to PlayStation 2 and improve its Japanese language support. This powerful combination of language and programming skills gives Plus Alpha an excellent edge in dealing with game code, macros and other technical aspects of translation.