Mystery Room

“Mystery Room” box art.
  • Full title: Layton Brothers: Mystery Room
  • Release date: 27 June 2013
  • Vendor: Level-5
  • Japanese title: レイトンブラザーズ・ミステリールーム
  • Involvement: We were recruited to give this Scotland Yard-based crime thriller the British flavour it demands. This game is all about dialogue and characters, so the translation had to be top-notch.
  • Review: “Also of note is the exceptional localization. Mystery Room uses dialects and accents wonderfully to flesh out the characters. Whether it's Lucy's charming Yorkshire dialect, or the hilarious mobster-worshipping delivery boy with a heavy Lancastrian accent, you'll almost be able to hear their voices in your head as you read. There is also a veritable avalanche of puns tossed in during the fast-paced interrogation sequences, flying by so quickly you won't even have a chance to groan at half of them. I wish every game could have a translation as nice as this one.” —

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