Fortune Street

“Fortune Street” box art.
  • Full title: Fortune Street
  • Release date: 5 December 2011
  • Vendor: Square Enix / Nintendo
  • Japanese title: いただきストリート
  • Involvement: In this exciting collaboration with Nintendo, we brought back to life many of the great characters from our previous Dragon Quest translations, whilst giving punchy new voices to old DQ favourites that hadn't yet received attention in the “new era” of Dragon Quest in the West.
  • Review: “The game sells on the strength of its Mario and Dragon Quest cameos. Each burbles with a constant stream of unique dialogue to liven things up. The Dragon Quest crew carry forward their various whimsical personalities (Slime makes lots of puns on the words goo and ooze, while Platypunk talks like a wiseguy gangster in reference to Rocket Slime) from the recent DQ localizations.” — 1UP

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