Dragon Quest VIII

“Dragon Quest VIII” box art.
  • “Some aspects of the translation are so good, they may actually bring you out of the game for a moment to marvel at how deftly and naturally the humour comes through.” — 1UP
  • “The script on the whole easily topples anything before it.” — Play Magazine
  • “The amount of English slang and accents in this game is unbelievable...there isn't a game more English, or more funny. The character of Yangus is like an Eastend hardman, constantly calling you ‘guv’ and making exclamations such as ‘cor blimey’ and ‘stone the crows’. There's so much personality and charm in this game, that I don't think any other comes close to matching the sheer amount of character evident thanks to the fantastic translation and incredible voice casting.” — Project Wonderboy
  • “Yuji Horii's witty script has been brilliantly translated for the North American version.” — WorthPlaying
  • “Great voice acting would be nothing without a great script, and yes, this game has a great script to help push the story along. You can see that the translation team worked a lot on their material here. They didn’t blandly translate the script, they actually rearranged the jokes and made them interesting for their audience.” — 4 color rebellion
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