DQ Rocket Slime

“DQ Rocket Slime” box art.
  • “DQ Heroes has some of the best writing I’ve ever seen in a game, ranking along the likes of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It had many laugh-out-loud moments, a rarity in games for me. Not only does it have excellent writing, but it actually has quality puns. Two of my favourite puns come from two tank names – the ‘Chrono Twigger’ and the ‘DQ: Swordz’ (with a description of ‘The revolution is coming! Wee!’, in reference to the Wii DQ game). And the credits were also pretty funny – just like many names and words in the game are modified to be slime puns, developer roles are modified as well (‘producer’ being called ‘progoocer’). I just hope they put this wit from their translation team to good use again in the future.” — Portable Review
  • “This version has a very charming English translation featuring references to other games in the Square and Enix pools, not to mention a lot of slippery puns. The game oozes with humour.” — Nintendo Database
  • “The game's dialogue is inundated with puns...many times they're simply gut-busting.” — RPGFan
  • “There's a lot of chatter here, mostly with the slimes you've rescued, and it's invariably very funny.” — EuroGamer
  • “Localization, the translation of games from Japanese to English, is often a slapdash affair. Pun-filled wordplay and cheeky video game references abound in this game's smartly written script.” — A. V. Club
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