Dragon Quest IX

“Dragon Quest IX” box art.
  • “Dragon Quest IX is noteworthy for its amazingly top-notch translation. It's difficult for American gamers to know, but Dragon Quest titles are filled to the brim with jokes and puns. Most character names are some kind of cheesy pun or reference, and even the spells are onomatopoeia that match their effects. Dragon Quest IX does an excellent job translating these jokes while maintaining the same basic spirit of the script.” — Worthplaying
  • “The general charm, humor, dialogue, and overall localization is all top-shelf quality, and an attentive player would probably be able to pick any given major NPC out of a blind lineup just from the distinctiveness of their verbal quirks. Here, I'm thinking particularly of one spunky seraphim; her attitude's in the right place, mostly, but she still manages to cram in more mangled metaphors, spoonerisms, blown one-liners and I-got-nothings than George Bush on a Bad Teleprompter Day.” — GameRevolution.com
  • “To drive the story along, you must talk to the townsfolk. They will deliver essential information that will be needed to complete your adventures. In addition, this dialog is written exceptionally well and in a most charming way. I can't count the number of times a smile crept across my face because of the text I was reading. Take the time to talk to everyone you meet, and after you've completed an essential part of the story, be sure to come back and talk to the people again. They will most likely have something new to say and it really does make the game infinitely more entertaining. Who can resist slicing and dicing the evil Cruelcumbers? Or taking a stab at a Badboon or a Funghoul. And in this game you come to find out early on that the Sacksquatch really does exist. With Cyclown, Cumaulus, Flython, Meowgician, and Bewarewolf on the loose, you know the world needs a hero. The clever names aren't relegated to just enemies though, as you'll come across some very funny NPCs and town names. Props to the writers!” — Gaming Age Online
  • “It's unerringly sweet, driven by wonderfully drawn characters and a brilliantly executed localisation. British colloquialisms pepper the dialogue, with a cockney geezer in a frightening helmet declaring their diseased settlement ‘dead as a doornail’, while an over-the-top Scotsman sits on the throne just one town over. It’s endearingly disparate at times, but is executed in such a way that it can fully form a character in a single sentence. It’s an important detail, as your contact with these citizens can often be all-too fleeting.” — Telegraph.co.uk
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