Dragon Quest V

“Dragon Quest V” box art.
  • “The option to converse with party members at any point, drawing comments from them concerning every single person you meet in the game, reveals the gigantic amount of translation work that's gone into the product. Its unflinching quality is laudable.” — Eurogamer
  • “The translation, like that of Chapters of the Chosen, is also a disarmingly charismatic effort. ...The new script sparkles with the same wit that endeared Chapters of the Chosen to so many, specifically when it comes to the game's many regional dialects. Those who welcomed the removal of Frog's medieval accent in the recent Chrono Trigger revival may balk at Sancho's comically thick Spanish accent, but we can't help but feel that it displays a charm that elevates Hand of the Heavenly Bride to a uniquely characterful adventure. ” — IGN UK
  • “The script is really, really strong... It's obvious that a lot of work went into making this game read exceptionally well.” — IGN
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