Phoenix Wright 3

“Phoenix Wright 3” box art.
  • “The story is deep and well thought out, the script at times dark, at times humorous, but always entertaining.” — Jolt
  • “We just couldn't switch the DS off. It is just fabulously written.” — Pocket Gamer
  • “The writing is brilliant. The translation team has yet again done another stellar job, managing to sneak in all sorts of literary jokes ranging from horribly punny names to off-the-cuff citations of popular Internet memes. Trials and Tribulations is one of those games that will have you laughing from start to finish.” — Gameworld Network
  • “Like the first two Phoenix Wright games, the writing in Trials and Tribulations is top-notch. The dialogue is well written and natural with humorous pop culture references sprinkled in by writers who have a knack for keeping things from getting too serious.” — GameSpot
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